Smartwatches Are Getting Popular Among Pakistani Millennials: Here’s How To Buy One For Yourself

Smartwatches Are Getting Popular Among Pakistani Millennials

In 2023 there has been a  9% increase in the ownership and use of smartwatches among millennials and Gen-z.

According to a recent article by Data Reportal the popularity of wearable devices especially smartwatches has increased exponentially. According to the GWI data, 29.9% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 own a smartwatch while 25% of these people are working individuals between 18 and 35.

So it is safe to say that wearables are on a global rise and the numbers will only go up.

But, at the same time, all of these new wearables can be intimidating. It is hard to choose among the many models and types constantly coming out. All models have different features, qualities, and adaptability hence it is important to choose the one that will fit you

Here are a few key factors to look out for when buying your next wrist candy.


Smartwatches are made to be a companion to your phone hence they need to have seamless integration. This includes everything from Bluetooth connectivity to seamless app integrations including calling, responding to messages and social media.

Your smartwatch should also be able to connect to all your wireless headsets and earbuds regardless of brand. While there are various brands out there aimed at the Android market the Boost Eclipse smartwatch is the latest one on the market and can connect with any type of phone with ease.


A smartwatch's display screen is one of the most important factors when choosing one for yourself. Before buying make sure the display isn't too small. Has an easy-to-use touchscreen and the display is vibrant and clear.

The vibrant and clear watch face will optimize your visual experience. A big display and easy-to-use touch screen will make the user experience easy and efficient.


We love customizing our phones in the same way smartwatches should also be customizable. This process includes everything from the strap to the display screen backgrounds and the apps. All models come with some level of customization to help personalize it to the individual.

If we talk about customization the Boost Eclipse smart watch believes changes like a chameleon according to the person's choice. The Boost Eclipse comes with both a black and orange strap and also comes with various display screens that you can change as you see fit.


A smartwatch is supposed to help with your efficiency and productivity hence it should have the apps you would like and need. This should include basic apps such as Google Calendar and Spotify but it should also include specialty apps like games, etc.

The important factor is choice, a good smartwatch comes with a great variety of apps that you can choose from. The Boost Eclipse smartwatch comes with a wide variety of apps that you can integrate with your phone and easily use.


Smartwatches are the perfect companions to all fitness enthusiasts and even if you are not a fitness freak, some of the features can be really helpful. Fitness tracking features such as step trackers and various sports modes can help you keep an eye on your fitness activity.

Heart rate monitoring among other things can help you keep an eye on your internal well-being. The Boost Eclipse smartwatch not only comes with a wide range of fitness trackers and health monitors but it also comes with various sedentary reminders and breathing reminders.


Another highly important factor of a smartwatch is its battery life because a good smartwatch does not die on you. So it is important to check the battery life of your smartwatch as well as the charging time. Both of these things will ensure that your smartwatch is an addition, not another burden that you have to be worried about.

With the rise of new technology and innovation the battery life of smartwatches has changed immensely. The battery life of smartwatches can vary from one day to one week depending on your usage and the model. The Boost Eclipse smartwatch has a long battery life and a wireless charger to ensure user ease.


This is one of the most important factors. A good smartwatch can be expensive especially when you look at all the features you want but luckily for you, the Boost Eclipse smartwatch is of premium quality with an affordable price tag.

Hopefully, this guide guides you on how to buy the perfect smartwatch for yourself. Good luck with your next purchase and if you are interested check out the Boost Eclipse smartwatch and it might just be your perfect match.