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Fox PC Case Fox PC Case
Sale priceRs.11,999 Regular priceRs.20,00040%
4 RGB Pre-Installed Fans ATX/M-ATX Motherboard Support
Prime Performance Habitat
Panda PC Case Panda PC Case
Sale priceRs.13,999 Regular priceRs.19,00026%
Supports Up To 7 Fans Tempered Glass Panels: Left and Front, M-ATX/ITX Motherboard Support
Mighty Monster Machine
Godzilla PC Case Godzilla PC Case
Sale priceRs.19,999 Regular priceRs.29,00031%
Grey Tempered Glass Supports up to 6 fans M-ATX Motherboard Support
Showcase with Grace
Peacock PC Case Peacock PC Case
Sale priceRs.10,999 Regular priceRs.12,0008%
ARGB Writing Panel Supports Up To 6 Fans ATX/mATX/ITX Motherboard Support
Tame the Heat
Lion PC Case Lion PC Case
Sale priceRs.12,499 Regular priceRs.13,5007%
Supports Up To 6 Fans 4 RGB Pre-Installed Fans ATX/M-ATX Motherboard Supports
Performance. Style. Uncage It.
Jaguar PC Case Jaguar PC Case
Sale priceRs.10,999 Regular priceRs.11,9998%
Supports Up To 6 Fans 3 RGB Pre-Installed Fans ATX/M-ATX/ITX Motherboard Support
Beastly, Boosted Lair
Sale priceRs.49,999 Regular priceRs.66,00024%
Supports Up To 5 Built-in 6.8" x 4.2" LED Display Screen M-ATX/ITX Motherboard Support
Roar with unstoppable force
Puma PC Case Puma PC Case
Sale priceRs.5,999 Regular priceRs.7,00014%
Perforated Side Panel Supports Up To 4 Fans ATX/mATX/ITX Motherboard Support
Accelerate to Win
Cheetah Pro PC Case Cheetah Pro PC Case
Sale priceRs.10,999 Regular priceRs.16,00031%
Up to 6 Fan Support Pre-Installed 3 RGB Fans ATX/mATX/ITX Motherboard Support
Rapid Roar Retreat
Cheetah PC Case Cheetah PC Case
Sale priceRs.10,999 Regular priceRs.18,00039%
3 RGB Pre-Installed Fans ATX/M-ATX Motherboard Support
Dominate The Competition
Unicorn PC Case Unicorn PC Case
Sale priceRs.18,999 Regular priceRs.25,00024%
Supports Up To 5 Fans 3 RGB Pre-Installed Fans, M-ATX Motherboard Support

Enhance Your Setup with Boost Pc Cases

When your PC starts heating up, it's a sign that it needs some cooling relief – and here steps in the PC case, the backbone of your computer setup. While often overlooked, the PC case plays a paramount role in keeping your components safe, organized, and cool. It's not just a box; it's the bedrock upon which your entire computer thrives. 

At Boost, we understand the importance of the PC case, which is why we're proud to offer the best selection in Pakistan. Forget boring boxes! Our top PC cases are the ultimate protectors, safeguarding your valuable components and enabling them to deliver peak performance. But that's not all – they have stunning designs that upgrade your setup to a whole new level.

Tired of the same old case? It's time to think outside the box! From strong builds to innovative designs, our PC cases are crafted with precision and care to meet the different needs of gamers, professionals, and enthusiasts. With Boost, you can trust that your PC case isn't just a necessity – it's a statement piece that reflects your style and passion for technology.

"The right PC case is the foundation of a great build."

Is Case Necessary for A PC?

Yes, a PC case is essential for safeguarding the internal components of your computer, ensuring protection from dust, dirt, moisture, and accidental damage. Also, it facilitates proper airflow through the case to prevent overheating, often incorporating fans or liquid cooling systems for optimal cooling performance. Beyond functionality, these best PC cases come in different designs to suit different preferences, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your setup. Therefore, while it's technically possible to operate a computer without a case, utilizing one provides numerous benefits, making it a necessary component for most PC builds.

Premium Features of Our PC Case

Our PC cases are packed filled with awesome features designed to turbocharge your computing experience. Here's what makes our Boost PC Cases stand out:

Front Panel Connectivity

You can easily access your USB ports, audio jacks, and other essential connections right from the front of your gaming PC case.

Tempered Glass

Showcase your build-in style with tempered glass side panels, which provide a clear view of your components while offering durability and protection.

Fan Support

Our top PC cases come with fan support, letting you find the perfect airflow balance for your system. With optimal cooling, your system will keep running smoothly and efficiently at peak performance.

Pre-Installed Fans

Keep your system cool and running smoothly with pre-installed fans that provide an ideal airflow for efficient cooling performance.

RGB Lighting

With Boost PC Cases, you can light up your setup your way! Customize the RGB lighting to match your style and vibe, adding a cool touch to your PC case; that's all you.

Motherboard Support

The best PC cases are designed to support a wide range of motherboard sizes, ensuring compatibility with your preferred hardware configuration.

Liquid Cooling Support

For those seeking maximum cooling performance, our PC cases offer support for liquid cooling solutions, enabling efficient heat dissipation for overclocked systems.

SSD and HDD Support

Stay organized and expand your storage options with support for both SSDs and HDDs, providing ample space for all your files and games.

Form Factor Support

Our PC cases support both ATX and M-ATX form factors, making them compatible with a variety of hardware setups. You can easily choose the form factor that suits your needs best.

ARGB Writing Panel

Stand out from the crowd with our PC cases featuring an RGB writing panel. Express your creativity by personalizing the best full tower PC case with dazzling lighting effects and one-of-a-kind designs that truly make it your own.

Best PC Case Price in Pakistan

Stop the hunt for the perfect balance of features and affordability! We offer the budget-friendly gaming PC case price in Pakistan, ensuring you don't have to compromise on quality or style. Find the ideal home for your components without going over your budget. Get ready to stimulate your gaming experience without the financial strain – only with Boost PC Cases.
We have a high-end range to fit your needs and wallet: 

Buy PC Case Online with Boost

Level up your build with the smoothest gaming PC case shopping experience in Pakistan! Here at Boost, we offer a broad range of PC cases online so you can find the perfect fit– all from the comfort of your home. No more struggling with bulky boxes – browse, select, and have your dream case delivered straight to your doorstep. Join countless satisfied customers who have trusted Boost for their PC case needs and elevate your setup today.

Gear up for a fun-filled gaming adventure with Boost PC Cases!

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