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Boost Zeus Power Supply Boost Zeus Power Supply-1
Zeus Power Supply Zeus Power Supply
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High-Quality Capacitor Thermally Regulated 120mm Silent Fan , Thermally Regulated 120mm Silent Fan, High-Quality Capacitor

Power Up Your PC with Boost Power Supplies

A reliable power supply unit (PSU) is the heart of your PC setup, ensuring stable and efficient performance for all your components. At Boost, we understand the significance of quality and reliability when it comes to powering your computer, so we offer a first-class PC power supply designed to meet your needs.

Our power supplies are engineered with advanced technology to deliver consistent voltage regulation and minimize electrical noise, providing a clean and stable power output that protects your valuable components from damage. 

What sets Boost power supplies apart is their attention to detail and commitment to quality. Each unit undergoes strict testing and quality control measures to ensure it meets our high standards for reliability and durability. With features like high-quality capacitors, efficient cooling systems, and advanced safety protections, you can trust Boost power supplies to keep your PC running smoothly and safely. 
Don't just upgrade—supercharge! Power up with Boost for phenomenal performance.

"A reliable power supply is the backbone of a stable PC."


Do not attempt to open the casing of a power supply unit (PSU). Inside, there are capacitors that can retain a powerful electrical charge, even when the computer is turned off and unplugged for an extended period of time.

Key Purposes of a Power Supply

Below are the primary functions of a power supply:

  1. Convert AC (alternating current) from a wall outlet to DC (direct current), which is suitable for computer components.
  2. Provide stable voltage output to ensure consistent performance and prevent damage to hardware.
  3. Distribute power to components, including the motherboard, graphics card, and storage devices.
  4. Operate efficiently to minimize energy loss and reduce heat generation.
  5. Support modern computer hardware with high power requirements.
  6. Include a variety of connectors to ensure compatibility with different components.

Prominent Features of Our Power Supply

Boost power supplies are packed with a range of leading-edge features, but among the most popular are:

Efficiency Rating

Our power supply has an 80+ Bronze certification, ensuring efficiency levels of at least 85%, which saves energy and reduces heat output.

Silent Fan

Keep your system cool and quiet with a thermally regulated 120mm fan that adjusts its speed based on temperature.

High-Quality Capacitors

Built with top-quality capacitors, our computer power supply offers enhanced reliability and performance for stable operation.

Safety Features

Rest assured, it has multiple safety features that protect against overloading, overheating, and short circuits.


Our top-tier power supply is designed to integrate smoothly with the latest PC components and technologies.


Encounter uncompromising stability and consistency in power delivery for optimal system performance.

Versatile Cable Options

Benefit from various cable options, including 20+4 Pin, 12 (4+4), 2x PCIE (6+2), 4 x SATA, and 2 x Molex connectors for versatile connectivity.


Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty that covers your CPU power supply against defects and malfunctions.

Why Choose Boost Power Supply?

Boost power supplies are engineered with performance and durability in mind. Here's why they stand out:

  1. Reliability: Our power supply is built to last, providing consistent power delivery to your PC components.
  2. Efficiency: Boost power supply is highly efficient, helping to reduce energy consumption and heat generation.
  3. Safety Features: Our high-end CPU power supply has features such as over-loading protection, under-heating protection, and short-circuit protection.
  4. Quiet Operation: Due to advanced fan designs and noise-reducing technologies, enjoy quiet computing with our power supply.

Best Power Supply Price in Pakistan

Find the most budget-friendly computer power supply price in Pakistan with Boost! We offer competitive prices on top-notch power supplies, ensuring you get exceptional value for your money. Upgrade your PC's performance without getting out of your budget—shop online with Boost today.

Here are some additional tips for finding the best power supply price in Pakistan:

  • Know what your needs are: Consider the wattage, efficiency rating, and other features that are important to you.
  • Read online reviews: This can help you understand the quality of different power supplies before you make a purchase.

Buy Power Supply Online with Boost

Ready to upgrade your PC's power supply? Browse our selection of power supplies online and enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery. Your satisfaction is our priority! With Boost, you can rest assured that you're getting quality and value at the most reasonable PC power supply price in Pakistan.

Give your PC the power it deserves with Boost power supplies. Shop online now and experience enhanced performance and reliability for your computer setup. Power up with Boost!

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