Every University Student Needs A Smartwatch: Here Are Six Reasons Why

Every University Student Needs A Smartwatch: Here Are Six Reasons Why

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The Boost Eclipse smartwatch is every university student's dream smartwatch.

University, four years of hectic schedules, books, GPA, and academic pressure. It's easy to say that university students have a lot on their plate but while we can’t cut down your work load we can assist you with it. You might be wondering how? And the answer is the Boost Eclipse smartwatch.

We live in a world of technology, and amidst all the inventions smartwatches are quite a breakthrough. It is the word strapped to your wrist. You can stay connected and organized and look stylish while doing it. 

Still don't believe us, keep reading on:

Time Management

This is the biggest benefit. A good student is a master of managing their time and with the Boost Eclipse, you can do that. Sync your class schedule to your smartwatch and receive reminders for all your classes and tasks so you never become the victim of your forgetful mind.

From setting timers to alarms, everything is possible with the Boost Eclipse. Furthermore, with the clear display, you can also check your schedule and updates straight from your smartwatch.

Fitness Tracking

The Boost Eclipse is one smartwatch that is highly worried for your health. Jam-packed with a heartbeat monitor, step counter, exercise reminders, blood pressure monitor, various sports modes to keep track of your exercise, etc. 

If that wasn’t enough the Boost Eclipse also has breathing exercises to keep you from hyperventilating when you see your next urgent assignment on your To-Do list.


When we made the Boost Eclipse we wanted to make sure that the watch would be a convenience not another thing that you just have to worry about. Instead, the Boost Eclipse has a 3-day battery life and a fast wireless charging system so you never have to worry about charging it. 

The Boost Eclipse strives to adapt to your life and go with you without hesitation hence the watch is water-resistant and made of the most durable material. So from outer space to the depth of the ocean this watch can go everywhere and still keep you connected.


The biggest perk of a smartwatch is that it keeps you connected wherever you go even without your phone. The Boost Eclipse has features that allow Bluetooth calling as well as social media notifications straight to your smartwatch from all your favorite social media channels.

With the social media connectivity feature, you can also connect your smartwatch to Spotify or audible to listen to your favorite songs and books straight from the smartwatch. The watch also has camera control for the best group photos that immortalize your best moments.


The Boost Eclipse smartwatch is the master of multi-tasking, It can provide information about your heart rate while also reminding you of your next class and playing your favorite tunes. 

Furthermore, the voice assistance feature can be used to ask quick questions about your study material or simply get to know fun facts. Another useful feature of the Boost Eclipse is its GPS feature, you can use this feature to get around your campus or anywhere around the city as needed.


The Boost Eclipse is an international quality smartwatch, yet it is made for the Pakistani masses. We aimed for this smartwatch to be just as high quality but not have the ridiculous price point of international brands.

Affordability is our major aim and we have achieved this aim hence the Boost Eclipse is one of the most high-tech yet affordable smartwatches on the market that will not create a hole in your pocket.

So to conclude if you are a university student you need the Boost Eclipse smartwatch that will not only be within budget but also last you for years.

So what are you waiting for click on the link, and buy the Boost Eclipse smartwatch now.