The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Pc Case For You

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Pc Case For You

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Choosing the perfect PC case can be a tricky process. Your heart may be lured to the shiniest, brightest, and most flashy PC case or you may be attracted to a simple black box that blends with the background. Aesthetics are important, yes but there are a lot of other factors that need to be considered.

Some factors you need to consider include cooling, storage, cable management, and any special features. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know to make the right choice.


Building a new PC is a whole process. The steps of this process start with the CPU and GPU. Then we move on to the motherboard, coolers, SSDs, and power supply. These are the internal features of the PC that ensure it runs smoothly. The final step to consider is the size and style of the PC and most importantly your budget.

PCs are highly versatile and can be constantly changed depending on your personal needs. The major factor that you need to consider before anything else is your budget. This factor will help you decide everything including the size of the PC case, all the features you can add, and the aesthetics you can achieve. 

Another major factor that will dictate what features you add inside the case is your use. Are you building your PC  for office work or coding? Are you building your PC to handle long hours of editing or are you looking to have long gaming sessions on it? 

Your use and budget will be the deciding factor on your choice of motherboard, cooling, cable management, and your choice of PC case among other things.


The form factor refers to the size of the PC case. This includes the full tower, mid tower, and mini-ITX. This decision will also dictate your choice of motherboard. Full-tower cases are the largest available type being more than 20 inches tall. Mid-tower cases are just the mini version of these and most are a little under 2o inches and can fit an ATX motherboard.

The mini-ITX is smaller and compact hence you need to be more diligent about what features you want to add due to the limited space. Choosing your PC case first is usually a better option because it gives you a roadmap of all the features you can add and gives you an outlook into the final form of your PC.


Cooling is very important because if a PC does not have efficient cooling it won’t be able to function well for long hours. There are many ways to cool your PC case including water cooling, AIO coolers, and radiators. Which one of these you choose depends on the size of the PC case and what would fit into the case efficiently.

Most PC cases come with one or more fans to ensure optimal cooling using the airflow. If your PC case comes with enough fans you might not even need to invest in additional cooling.


Depending on the type of PC case, your ability to connect can have a massive impact on your experience. What we mean by this includes the availability of audio jacks, USB ports, and card readers as well as where they are located. 

Most high-quality PC cases have a front panel that ensures easy connectivity but the types of ports available vary.


PC cases come with a lot of cables and depending on the type of PC case this management might be harder or easier. Proper cable management not only provides a clean look to your case but also helps improve the airflow inside the case. 

Furthermore, if you have a tempered glass panel PC case then improper cable management can cover the inner components hindering the aesthetic. Some PC cases have cut-outs in the motherboard to guide the wires through and expensive options even include tie-off points.


This is a major deciding factor for gamers and people who are fond of aesthetic appeal. There is a wide variety of styles and RGB lighting available including RGB front panels, RGB fans, and various shapes and designs. All these factors add to the appeal of the case and play a huge part in how people choose PC cases.

PC cases come in all styles and all varieties, some might be more expensive while others might be budget cases. If you are looking for the best PC cases in Pakistan at an affordable price without compromising the style or features then check out the Boost PC case collection today.