Bring Back The Magic In Your Gaming With The Boost Unicorn Pc Case

Bring Back The Magic In Your Gaming With The Boost Unicorn Pc Case

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Are you a fan of bright colors and bold aesthetics? If your answer is yes then the Boost Unicorn PC case is the perfect addition to your already magical gaming setup. 

This PC case is not only magical looking but is also majestic in terms of the power it holds. This PC case comes with form factor support that can support both ATX and M-ATX form factors to adapt well to your needs. 

To further increase its adaptability the Boost Unicorn PC case supports two 3.5 HDDs ensuring ample storage for all your needs whether it be storing your memories or your favorite games. The PC case also provides support for two 2.5 SSDs enabling faster solid-state drive performance.

The Boost unicorn comes with amazing front-panel connectivity that will ensure all your wires are in one place. With one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and an HD audio port for seamless and convenient connectivity.

With such a high-functioning PC case you might be concerned about the PC case overheating but this PC case comes with three pre-installed RGB fans right out of the box that not only provide efficient airflow but also add to the PC case’s colorful aesthetic and unique look.

Speaking of aesthetics the tempered glass side panel showcases the inner components of the PC case as well as the inner RGB fans that will light up into a magical landscape but that's not all the front panels of the PC case have a fully lit-up RGB screen capable of lighting up your whole room.

The Boost Unicorn PC case is not just a case it is a premium experience. Just one warning though, proceed with caution because once you go Boost you don’t go back. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Boost Unicorn PC case now and level up your gaming experience and set up aesthetics.