PC case


The Boost Jaguar PC case is one of the most multi-talented PC cases on the market.

Like its wildlife counterpart, the Jaguar PC case can traverse all landscapes with ease. Did you know Jaguars are expert swimmers and thrive on both land and in water making them one of the most deadly and efficient cats.

In a similar sense, the Boost Jaguar is versatile and can traverse through any tech landscape easily. The PC case can support both ATX and M-ATX form factors. If that wasn’t enough the PC case supports upto two 3.5 HDDs and two 2.5 SSDs providing both solid-state drive performance and ample storage space.

To ensure connectivity the front panel features one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports and an HD audio port for seamless audio connection. 

To keep the PC functioning well, this PC case features support for upto six fans allowing for optimal cooling. If that wasn’t enough this PC case has three pre-installed RGB fans to provide both aesthetics and optimal cooling through all your heavy work sessions.

Speaking of aesthetics, the Boost Jaguar is a striking PC case with a tempered glass side panel to showcase the inner components of your PC. The boost Jaguar also features an aesthetic front panel with circular RGB detailing that is certainly eye-catching.

The Boost Jaguar is perfect for any tech and gaming enthusiast; this PC is the perfect embodiment of style, function, and versatility. So what are you waiting for? Boost your lifestyle and join the community by getting your hands on the Boost Jaguar PC case now.